SBG Resources

Jason Rhodes President SBG Resources Oilfield Executive Recruiting Company

Jason’s focus at SBG Resources is leading the daily growth of the team in our Houston and Jacksonville offices. Having a passion for serving others, Jason remains engaged in select searches as a Headhunter.

He is discerning in who he takes on as a client and it is not atypical for him to shy away from certain searches as he is known for hand-picking who he represents.

Jason utilizes his degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, early years with Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and heart-felt desire to see others flourish to set himself apart in the highly competitive search industry.

When not in the office, you will almost always find him in one of three locations; The Secret Place of the Most High, somewhere with his wonderful family, or out in the world ministering with the Power, Authority, and Love of Jesus Christ alongside his brothers and sisters in the faith.


“When a Man has met God, he is no longer looking for anything else, because he has found it.”  A.W. Tozer

As Managing Partner at SBG Resources, Colton Clark brings an accomplished background in the oil & gas headhunting industry. Colton’s approach to each search within the spaces of Exploration & Production and Energy Finance draws on his many unique strengths.

Lending his extraordinary communication and leadership skills to the oil and gas industry has made Colton renowned for fostering a culture of trust and accountability with his clients. He is also regarded for championing his team in their daily pursuit of success.

Colton partners with his clients closely to turn around divisions that have critical talent gaps. His clients depend on him in helping to establish and implement strategic new direction for their companies through the recruitment of key contributors at all levels within their organizations.

He holds a degree in both Finance and Real Estate from Florida State University and is originally from Chattanooga, TN.

will sheaf - oil and gas industry headhunter

To be a Lead Associate at SBG Resources, one must characterize what it means to be elite in headhunting.

Will Sheaf has accomplished this time and again and is a highly coveted asset to not only to his team but also to SBG’s premier clients within Upstream and Energy Finance.

Sheaf’s demeanor is unshakeable as he exhibits a tough mettle and resilient spirit, making him highly sought after on the energy industries most difficult searches.

Will joined SBG in 2017 and has quickly become a force within the energy search industry at a high level. His distinguished and sophisticated style has vastly expanded his network throughout the spectrum in the industries he specializes in. Sheaf’s attention to detail is uncanny and the prodigious skills he portrays in identifying technical and operational talent are remarkable.