In our industry, Time is Money.

At SBG, your time will always be well SPENT.

Most of that time, we’re buzzing around our office. However, if we need to get out and do some research or brainstorming from a favorite coffee shop, beach bar, or brewery around town, then so be it. Innovators seldom stay inside the lines, and SBG expects its team members to be the same way.

Life at SBG gives you a sense of purpose and a platform to excel from.

Not only that, but each day we provide an outlet to express ideas. The best concepts often come from its inspired thinkers (You!).

SBG’s team members exemplify a listening culture so that ideas are brought to life and the company trajectory is heightened.

We require ZERO recruitment experience. If you implement your training and execute great work habits daily, then the office synergy makes you almost infallible.

At SBG, you won’t be developed just in the office, but outside of it too. We’re looking for leaders in their homes, communities, churches, and circle of friends. Growing our sphere of influence is critical.

You will be taught the art of headhunting and will also be given the chance to exceed and raise industry standards on a daily basis. At SBG, everything you do is setting a new trend, establishing a new benchmark, and crushing tarnished old school standards.

We pledge to always involve you in the planning of the work that affects you.

By doing this:

  • The company gains valuable perspective about searches and the path the company is taking.
  • It provides priceless insight into the minds of its most valuable asset, its people.
  •  It encourages trust and provides a sense of security and a feeling that you’re part of something special, which you are.
  • It shows respect across all levels.
  • It invokes a spirit of unity and this helps to build a culture and identity that cannot be implemented easily elsewhere nor replicated.
  • It increases employee engagement across the board and prevents inefficiencies and simple breakdowns.

So why is this important?

This ideal is so simple, yet most companies completely overlook it’s merit and fail to live it out.

If you don’t want to just come to work and collect a paycheck, but want to make a difference and be a game changer in a phenomenal industry, then I welcome you to reach out.

Do you have what we’re looking for? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you a dynamic individual, someone who thinks they stand out in a crowd?
  • Are you an Inspired Thinker?
  • Can you overcome anxiety and adversity and battle through anything?
  • Eager to earn a significant income? Because it will be significant.
  • Do you have something to prove?
  • Do you have a natural desire to compete and win often?
  • Can you bring strong writing, listening, and oral communication skills to the table?
  • At SBG you will be surrounded by people that are better than you at this job.
  • But can you be modest, shine in your own way, swim in your own lane, and sharpen your own skills?
  • Are you always looking to be affiliated with the very best?
  • Do you genuinely want to make a positive impact on people’s lives?
  • Do you thrive on building and fostering long lasting relationships with elite industry professionals?


SBG resources will take you to places you did not know you were capable of ascending to. Don’t believe it…..well, courage cannot be taught.

This small boutique firm will, without a doubt, be the best place you’ve ever worked.


Want to find out why?

Don’t email me. Call me. At SBG we like people who pick up the phone and go after what they want.

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